Monday, March 16, 2009

I got a fever...

...and the only prescription is more basketball. Yes, apart from it being Spring Break here at UGA, I've also not posted a thing lately because I've been so consumed with Championship Week and Selection Sunday.

My beloved Louisville Cardinals got the overall #1, so I'm hopeful, but deep down I get the feeling this year will be another "maybe next year." Here are my Final Four picks:


I'm going with an all Big East group here for a few reasons. First, these teams - while some have individual stars - play more like cohesive units than most others I've seen this year. North Carolina and Duke are both great, as is Oklahoma, but the loss of one player makes too great a difference, and it's hard to be 100% for six games. Second, I have no faith in the Big Ten. Screw Michigan State; nothing good has come from there since Magic Johnson. Third, the ACC has been inconsistent at best, and I'm not sure they have the wherewithal to run the gauntlet. Fourth, who has Memphis played? I mean, really?!

In a month I'll have to eat these words, but I'm going with Louisville. I think the city is due some glory.

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  1. You were right....about having to eat the words that is. 1-3 on Final Four picks. 0-fer on the Big East in the title game and the national champs sure won't be the Cardinals this year.